Concert Information – Mendelssohn Elijah

OXFORD TOWN HALL, ST. ALDATE’S - 29th February 2020

Timetable for the day:

10.15 am Doors open for the Choir – registration

11.00 am Chorus rehearsal

1.00   pm Lunch break

2.00   pm Choir and Orchestra assemble in time for

2.30   pm Rehearsal with orchestra and soloists

5.30   pm End of rehearsal – dinner break

7.00   pm Choir please assemble in The Town Hall, doors open to public

7.30   pm Performance begins

10.00   pm Performance ends

SCORES: We will be using the NEW NOVELLO edition – PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN COPIES. If you already have the OLD NOVELLO edition, you should be able to work with that – but be aware that there are some word changes in the final chorus so find a NEW edition to compare,and edit accordingly. Robert is also making some cuts as follows:

No. 6 Alto recit “Elijah get thee hence”
No. 7 Double chorus “For he shall give his angels”
No.15 Quartet (Chorus) “Cast thy burden upon the Lord”

No. 32 “He that shall endure to the end”
No. 40 Recit and Chorus “Behold God hath sent Elijah”
No.41 Chorus “But the Lord from the North”
Soloist Quartet “O come everyone that thirsteth”

In addition the terzetto No. 28 “Lift thine eyes” will be sung by girls from Frideswide Voices, as will the semi chorus of No. 35 “Holy, holy, holy”

Our singers derive most benefit from the day if they get to know the piece and their part beforehand. Choral Line produce practise CDs and supply scores:

Blackwell’s Music Shop in Oxford will also be stocking copies of the scores.

ELIJAH Stands and sits and cut offs
Part One
TUTTI: STAND PAGE 5 BAR 9 (downbeat of 3rd system)
TUTTI: Pg 6 Help Lord – “d’ always on tie (downbeat)
TUTTI: STAND Pg.19 4 bars before end of number (on tenor’s final ’God”) BASSES be ready and
breath early for first entry of No.5 – all voices ’t’ of NOT on the downbeat (in 2)
TUTTI: Pg 20 – 1st bar US – S on downbeat of next bar
TUTTI: SIT bottom of page 28
Nos.6 and 7 CUT
TUTTI: STAND first beat of page 47
MEN : Pg 59 bar 5 – “US” – S on 3rd beat sim with LADIES bar 9
TUTTI: LETTER A Pg 61 “US” crotchet, crotchet rest (for the s) – sim Pg 61 bar 9
TUTTI: REMAIN STANDING until Page 75 downbeat of 6th bar then SIT Quickly and Quietly!!
No. 15 CUT
TUTTI: STAND Page 79 bar 5
TUTTI; SIT Page 85 downbeat first bar
TUTTI: STAND Page 93 downbeast first bar to the end of PART 1
Part Two
TUTTI: STAND page 114 5th stave, downbeat of the 5th bar
TUTTI: SIT page 135 – 3rd system downbeat of 3rd bar
TUTTI: STAND top page 145
TUTTI: SIT end of page 150
No. 32 CUT
TUTTI: STAND on downbeat of page 158
Remain standing until downbeat of top of Page 186 SIT
Nos.40/41 CUT
TUTTI: STAND before No. 42 Page 199

Please don’t forget to bring a pencil and a rubber…..!

Suggested clothing for the performance is smart black but not DJs.  A flash of blue would be acceptable!

Refreshments: As the schedule is so tight singers might like to bring a thermos with them – In the afternoon the orchestra (who play for nothing) will be given tea but there is not enough time to serve tea to singers as well! –  N.B.  there will be no break during the morning rehearsal. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby where singers can find something to eat at lunchtime, and before the performance.  Information about these will be available on the day for those who come from afar.

Parking: For singers coming from out of town, parking nearby is not easy and we would recommend using the Park and Ride facility. Singers based in Oxford are strongly advised to come either on foot, or by bicycle or on public transport. If you are coming into Oxford by car please allow sufficient time for parking.

Any queries please telephone 01865 250440, or email

Leo Pitt