Our partners

Oxford Orpheus works with a number of partners.

Musically, a key partner is the Oxford Orpheus Orchestra. This year’s fundraising partners are the Christ Church Cathedral School’s Sing Up Outreach Programme and the Oxfordshire County Music Service.

The Oxford Orpheus Orchestra consists of semi-professional and strong amateur players, a full symphony orchestra as required by the music. The players generously and loyally support the Oxford Orpheus events, and enable the production of high quality choral performance and excellent musical collaboration.

The Christ Church Cathedral Chorister Community Outreach Programme is a unique collaboration between the Christ Church Cathedral Choir school and the Oxfordshire County Music Service. This involves a teaching venture for Oxfordshire’s primary school children conducted by the Cathedral Choristers and the School’s Director of Music. At a time when music teaching is vulnerable in primary schools, this kind of collaboration is a powerful means to develop and share the tradition of choral singing in the county’s primary schools. Oxford Orpheus has formed a partnership with this programme in order to assist with their fundraising which will ensure that the county’s primary school children will continue to enjoy this valuable opportunity.

The Oxfordshire County Music Service (OCMS) is one of the U.K.’s premier local authority Music Services. It’s work includes instrumental and vocal teaching for 10,000 children and young people, music schools and ensembles at all levels from beginner to advanced, curriculum support and advice, a full programme of weekend and evening activities, holiday courses, workshops, community projects and high level ensemble activities. There is also enhanced academic provision for particularly gifted young musicians. OCMS works with a wide range of community and charitable partners to ensure the best possible musical services for the people of Oxfordshire. If you would like to know more about the services and activities available through Oxfordshire County Music Service, please look at their website www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/music or follow them on social media:
Facebook: facebook.com/oxonmusicservice


Beating Time from Beating Time on Vimeo
Beating Time is a charity which works for the rehabilitation of offenders by setting up choirs in prisons as a route to building their skills and capacity to break the cycle of re-offending. The teamwork, performance and passion promoted through the experience of singing in a choir provide the foundation for a Restart programme which directly addresses the specific skills needed to find work on release. Last year Beating Time was active in six prisons; Oxford Orpheus is delighted to be working with them this year, to support their plans to increase capacity and funding.