Our partners

Oxford Orpheus works with a number of partners.

Musically, a key partner is the Oxford Sinfonia Orchestra which is a mix of semi-professional and strong amateur players; it provides the full symphony orchestra capability required by the music.The players generously and loyally support the Oxford Orpheus events, and enable the production of high quality choral performance and excellent musical collaboration.

We also work each year to support a chosen partner charity. Last year we made a donation to the Help Musicians charity. In other recent years we have supported the  Christ Church Cathedral Chorister Community Outreach Programme – a unique collaboration between the Christ Church Cathedral Choir school and the Oxfordshire County Music Service to promote music teaching in primary schools; and Beating Time – a charity which works for the rehabilitation of offenders by setting up choirs in prisons as a route to building their skills and capacity to break the cycle of re-offending. Links to both of these initiatives are provided at the bottom of this page.

This year we are supporting the Oxford Lieder’s Schools Programme as they seek to expand their activity with an innovative new project at St Frideswides Primary School. We shall be sharing more information about this during the year.